Janika and Marjaana

Grouseseeker’s breeders operate Määttälä Marjaana and Janika Kuusijärvi (mother & daughter). Kennel was initially Marjaana’s name, and in 2010 also Janika incorporated in the kennel name. We live in Rovaniemi and breeding English Springer Spaniels.

Our Springer hobby began in 2003 with the first English Springer Spaniel arrived in our home. In the meantime, we have had two red Irish Setter and Marjaana had also in younger age the Cocker Spaniel. We operate in both active in various associations.

Currently, we have seven dogs at home, six springers and one American Cocker Spaniel. Our four English Springer Spaniel’s lives in Marjaana’s house and two ess, as well as the am.cocker lives in Janika’s house. More detailed information can be found in dogs pages.

The first litter was born in 2006. Our breeding is a small-scale and litters infrequently. The aim is to breed typical English Springer as a family as breed enthusiast’s dog. We are happy to increase road owners of all dogs in matters relating to hobbies and encourage them with their dogs. We hold joint training sessions, and we in the Team trips to various dog events. As a beloved hobby we have received a lot of new friends as breeding owners as any other dog people too 😀

We conducted our breeder undergraduate and postgraduate courses, and the affix Grouseseeker’s Marjaana received in 2001. In addition, we have performed the ring secretary course and we are qualified in the ringsecretaries in officials. We belong to the breed association Springer club Finland. We are a member of the English Springer club of Finland, the Finnish Kennel Club, Lapland Spaniel Club and SuKoKa at (Finnish Dog Breeders Association).