2.4.2016 Kemijärvi Group Exhibition

We had a great day today in Kemijärvi. We got two new Finnish Champions 😀 Paavo got his last CAC likewise Nova so it was a perfect day 😀 Ninni was left home because of surgery carried out during week. Ninni had the abscess removed. Kasper came after more than a year’s break back to the ring, but the age has started to appear in Mr’s moves. But we got breeders group together and it got great reviews 😀

The judge was Pekka Teini.

Grouseseeker’s Frosty Design ”Paavo” EXC/1, CQ, BM-1, CAC, BOS –> FI CH

Grouseseeker’s Frosty King ”Tonni” EXC/1, CQ, BM-2

Grouseseeker’s Skyflyer ”Otto” JUN EXC/1, SA

Grouseseeker’s Snow King ”Kasper” VET VG/2

Kennel Grouseseeker’s HP, BOB

Very Vigie I’m Born A Star ”Nova” OPEN EXC/1, CQ, BB-1, CAC, BOS –> FI CH

Photo: Jaana Heiskari

Photo: Jaana Heiskari

Photo: Susanne Kudeweh

13.3.2016 Sky-litter’s First Birthday

Today marks exactly one year from our kennel’s last litter. Happy birthday Sky-litter quartet 😀

5.3.2016 Eno Group show

Since long time Hilla also spun in the ring and it went not bad at all. Congratulations to Heli : D

Judge: Tuula Savolainen

Grouseseeker’s Summer Sunstar “Hilla” OPEN EXC/1, CQ, BB-2

Pietari Int Show 26. – 28.2.2016

We made the bus ride to St. Petersburg, Russia where there were three international exhibitions. This was our first visit to Russia. The trip was really nice in every way and we were positively surprised by the Russian exhibitions. We will definitely go back there again. The weekend was certainly awesome : D


Judge: Johanness Schepers, Netherlands

Grouseseeker’s Skyflyer “Otto” JUN -CAC, BOB -junior, Junior Russian Champion

Grouseseeker’s Frosty King “Tonni” BOB, CAC, CACIB, Champion of Russia, RKF Champion

Grouseseeker’s Autumn Rose “Milli” reserve- CAC


Judge: Revaz R. Khomasuridze, Russia

Grouseseeker’s Skyflyer “Otto” JUN -CAC, BOB-junior

Grouseseeker’s Frosty King “Tonni” BOB, CAC, CACIB, BIG- 1

Grouseseeker’s Autumn Rose “Milli” CC, Russian Champion

28.2. ”Baltic Triumph”

Judge: Inese Pablaka, Latvia

Grouseseeker’s Skyflyer “Otto” JUN-CAC, BOB-junior, BOB, BIS-3 junior

Grouseseeker’s Frosty King “Tonni” CAC, CACIB

Grouseseeker’s Autumn Rose “Milli” reserve-CAC

Tornio Group show 20.2.2016

In Tornio there was nice set of our offspring. It was nice to see you all and the show results were good 😀

The judge was Arja Koskelo.

Grouseseeker’s Frosty King “Tonni” EXC/1, CQ, BM-1, BOB

Grouseseeker’s Autumn Light “Aatu” OPEN EXC/1, CQ, BM-3 & res-CC

Grouseseeker’s Frosty Design “Paavo” EXC/1, CQ, BM-4

Grouseseeker’s Skyrocket “Uuno” JUN EXC/2

Grouseseeker’s Skyflyer “Otto” JUN EXC/4

Kennel Grouseseeker’s HP, BOB & BIS-4

Kaunas Int Show 30.- 31.1.2016

Janika matkasi koirien kanssa Liettuaan jossa pidettiin kaksi kv näyttelyä. Reissu oli loppua ennen kuin ehti alkaakaan bussin ajettua metsään Pyhäjärvellä, mutta onneksi kenellekään ei käynyt vakavasti ja porukka pääsi jatkamaan matkaa, perillä he olivat näyttelyaamuna joten hirveästi ei jäänyt aikaa koirien laittoon ennen näyttelyä. Näyttelyviikonloppu meni kuitenkin loistavasti 😀

30.1. ”Kaunas Winster 16”
tuomari: Cathy Delmar, Irlanti

Grouseseeker’s Skyflyer ”Otto” JUN-serti, ROP-juniori, ROP & RYP-3

Grouseseeker’s Frosty Design “Paavo” luokka-serti

31.3. “Kika Cup 16”

Grouseseeker’s Skyflyer “Otto” JUN-serti, ROP-juniori, Liettuan juniorimuotovalio

Grouseseeker’s Frosty Design “Paavo” luokka-serti, vara-CACIB

26.1.2016 Frosty-litter’s Fifth Birthday

Frosty-litter is today 5 years old. Congratulations for the whole gang 😀

23.1.2016 Raahe Group Show

The exhibition year opening was this year in Raahe. It was also Otto´s first official exhibition.

The judge was Paavo Mattila.

Grouseseeker’s Skyflyer ”Otto” JUN EXC/1, CQ, BM-2, CAC

Grouseseeker’s Autumn Breeze “Remu” EXC/1, CQ, BM-4

Grouseseeker’s Frosty King “Tonni” EXC/1, CQ, BM-1, BOB, BIG-1, BIS-3

7.1.2016 Snow-litter’s Tenth Birthday

Our kennel’s first litter is today a full 10 years old 😀

Congratulations to all Snow-offspring and have a long life! 😀